Teacher Guide

The comprehensive Teacher Guide provides everything instructors need to effectively engage students in meaningful discussion and facilitate whole-novel study.


Each Teacher Guide Includes:

  • A thorough introduction to the text with book outline, important author/background information, and themes that give teachers context and help them prepare students for reading.
  • Detailed lesson preparation and guidance for teachers that will reduce prep time and make classroom time more productive.
  • Main event reviews that help teachers set the scene prior to discussion.
  • Close reading opportunities to help students dive deeper into the material and explore meaning.
  • Engaging discussion questions on theme, character, plot, and setting to support teachers as they moderate discussion. Students respond to and engage with each other as they consider relevant themes, supporting  Social and Emotional Learning.

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Teacher In Classroom
Inspiring Readers increases student engagement and gives teachers tools for whole novel instruction

Engaging Students in

Meaningful Discussion

Teacher-facilitated, student-centered discussion is at the heart of Inspiring Readers. Students participate in a shared discussion of interesting and meaningful aspects of the novel while considering their own thoughts and feelings. 

The Teacher Guide features specific questions and prompts to help guide the discussion. The Implementation Guide also provides strategies that not only keep students at the center of the discussion, but guide the discussion to promote student engagement and meaningful discussion.


Social-Emotional Learning

Inspiring Readers plays a vital role in helping schools and districts advance their Social and Emotional Learning goals. One of the primary ways individuals understand what it means to be a human being is through reading and discussing literature. Not only do Inspiring Readers novels represent the richness and complexity of life, but discussion and writing prompts give students opportunities for reflection and connection to their own lives. This shared experience helps develop the five core competencies of SEL: self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-management.

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