Our Program

Inspiring Readers gets ALL students excited about reading and discussing literature, and gives teachers the tools and confidence to create a culture of readers in their classrooms. This flexible approach to whole-novel study is grounded in teacher-facilitated, student-centered discussion. This approach to discussion helps student engage with meaning, connect with their peers, build personally relevant understanding, and ultimately develop a lifelong love of reading.

How it Works

Inspiring Readers is a supplemental literature program that implements a “whole novel” approach. This flexible program can be used by teachers in classrooms, virtually, or in a hybrid/blended model. Inspiring Readers has developed comprehensive lessons and student materials around nearly 50 thoughtfully curated novels. Each lesson can be implemented in as little as 15-20 minutes. Novels are selected based on merit, compelling and identifiable characters, diverse cultures and backgrounds, and relevant themes that inspire empathy and sensitivity. The detailed Teacher Guide and accompanying Student Workbook guide both the teacher and students through engaging classroom discussion, as well as vocabulary, writing, and close reading activities.

Teacher In Classroom

Teacher Guide

The comprehensive Teacher Guide provides everything the instructor needs to facilitate whole-novel instruction and effectively engage students in meaningful discussion. This teacher-facilitated, student-centered discussion develops and promotes engagement, critical thinking, and comprehension in students at all levels.

Teacher helping student in the classroom

Student Workbook

The Student Workbook gives students opportunities to develop their comprehension and and analysis skills, vocabulary, writing abilities, and knowledge of the author’s craft. The in-depth student materials give students a deeper understanding of the novel and include pre- and post-discussion writing opportunities, essay prompts, vocabulary exercises, and close reading exercises. 

Student Reading Book

Vocabulary and Unit Assessments

Vocabulary and Unit Assessments are available for each title. These are aligned to state standards and can be used to monitor student progress in comprehension, vocabulary, and related skills. 

Inspiring Readers increases student engagement and gives teachers tools for whole novel instruction

Instructional Guide

The Instructional Guide dives deep into the research and theory behind the program and gives teachers additional tips to further develop their instruction.