About Us

Inspiring Readers has one mission: to develop a lifelong love of reading in every student. It’s our goal to help educators transform their ELA classrooms into inspirational spaces that cultivate meaningful discussions of literature for both students and teachers. 

Who We Are

Based on five decades of experience teaching more than three million students, Inspiring Readers uses expertly designed discussion guides to give both novice and veteran teachers the confidence to engage even the most reluctant learners in meaningful dialogue. Through dynamic discussions of exemplary literature, students will build confidence and academic achievement. Integrated student materials, featuring vocabulary and writing activities, further develop strong skills in comprehension, self-expression, and self-efficacy.

Inspiring Readers helps schools increase student engagement and reverse declines in literacy and participation through a research-based approach to English Language Arts that features teacher-facilitated, student-centered explorations of authentic novels. 

Our supplemental literacy program promotes student interest in reading, builds classroom culture, increases student achievement, and supports social and emotional growth.

The Institute of Reading Development

Inspiring Readers is a program of the Institute of Reading Development. Since 1970, the Institute of Reading Development has taught valuable reading skills to over 3 million students across the United States.


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