Inspiring Readers

Build a lifelong love of reading through whole-novel instruction that engages students in meaningful classroom discussion.

Inspire Your Students

Increase student confidence, build academic achievement, and cultivate a lifelong love of reading. This supplemental literature program provides teachers with the resources needed to effectively lead students in whole-novel study of exemplary literature.

Our expertly designed Discussion Guides serve as robust roadmaps, providing teachers with the confidence needed to engage students in rich, meaningful dialogue. Teachers will strengthen student engagement and watch their academic achievement soar. Integrated student materials feature vocabulary and writing activities that develop strong skills in comprehension and social-emotional learning.

Instructional Resources

Inspiring Readers provides instructors with the tools needed to facilitate effective, whole-novel instruction and engage students in active discussion. Teacher Guides provide comprehensive lesson plans and guidance, reducing valuable prep time and ensuring that classroom time is rich and productive.

Student Resources

Reach every student with our in-depth Student Materials that support social and emotional learning. From reluctant to avid readers, our Student Resources will engage all students as they develop their close reading and writing skills, comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking. 

Quizzes and Assessments

Accompanying unit vocabulary quizzes and comprehension assessments align with Common Core and individual state standards.

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The Research Behind Inspiring Readers

Inspiring Readers is deeply rooted in research and best practices for ELA Instruction. It is compliant with ESSA Tier 4 requirements for instruction, demonstrating a clear rationale that the program is effective at producing results and improving outcomes when implemented.

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